Friday, November 2, 2007

Sweet sleep.

I didn't want to publicly commit to doing the whole NaBloPoMo thing but that's what I'm trying to do.

Tonight the plan is to have Superman go in to try and quiet the baby. If I can have 4 or 5 hours of sleep I'll be in heaven. If I get six I think I'll probably live forever with all the energy I'll gain. I think she's gotten in the habit of waking up for several mid-night snacks that aren't really necessary. Superman and I both do the exact same thing when we go in to comfort her but the difference is she's actually calm and quiet after 30 seconds with Superman. Nothing I do (except nurse) will calm her. Once she sees me she remembers, oh yeah! boob! BOOOOOOB I NEED THE BOOB NOW!!! NOTHING ELSE CAN CONSOLE MEEEEEEE!!!! (And that's pretty much the the volume at which she communicates this, too.)

I am officially sick of this house. I know I'll come around and love it again but right now I find it difficult. The house isn't to blame, of course I am. We never should have started all these remodel things if we didn't have the money to carry it through to completion. However it's difficult to start any sort of remodel thing on a house this old and NOT find more to do "while you're at it." Plus, when you have a man as talented as mine it all seems relatively cheap because labor is free! Unfortunately materials are very much NOT free and I'm pretty sure we've been to Home Depot or Lowe's at least once a week for a very very long time now. I am glad that we're insulating and re-windowing, especially since we have a baby. The old flaky paint is worrisome now, especially since Kate puts everything into her mouth.  I hate how un-friendly our house is to curious crawling babies right now. I feel like it's somehow putting a damper on her development, even though she gets in plenty of un-hindered crawl/stand time when I'm working and when she's in the church child care.

I've got to post this before midnight, which is in ten minutes.


  1. BTW, I don't remember if you were a Joseph fan or not, but SingSnap just got the track for "Close Every Door", which I of course had to sing. :)Lemme know what you think! (Unless you don't know the song, in which case... still let me know. ';P)NOOOOOTES I NEED THE NOTES NOW!!! NOTHING ELSE CAN CONSOLE MEEEEEEE!!!!

  2. Most houses are unfriendly to curious babies.Also... NaBloPoMo? Sounds like a questionable organization one might find in California. ';P(Though I'm guessing it stands for "National Blog Posting Month"?)

  3. So feelin for ya, mine are still stuck on the boob too, ugh!

  4. While waiting in an airport last weekend, I read an article about how old painted friction surfaces of doors and windows create lead-laced dust that settles on surfaces which toddlers often touch - and then put their fingers in their mouths. Most of the lead-poisoned children the article followed didn't eat flakes of lead paint, as much as ingested paint dust that stuck to their hands.

  5. Sleep? Huh? We had a few "good" nights, but are back to the ol' up a handful of times routine. Hope you can get some good rest tonight!