Thursday, November 8, 2007

So much for NaBloPoMo

I had two three-hour stretches of sleep last night so I feel moderately revived. Yahoo!

I don't resent Kate for her sleeping patterns and I've come to decide that I honestly don't want to change anything. I think I've experimented with enough sleep methods for now, perhaps we'll have another go round later on, but I'm happy with where we're at. The reason she's waking up is because she's teething, not because she's bored or hungry. (A few weeks ago I wasn't so sure, but now I am.) I would never want to let her cry it out when it's obvious she's uncomfortable (sore gums/runny nose.) It just so happens that nursing is comforting and helps get her mind off the sore gums long enough for her to fall back asleep. Five years from now I'll miss getting up and snuggling with her in a sleepy pile on the couch. I know this won't last forever so I'm 'enjoying' it as much as I can. It is kind of cool to be the only one in the whole world with the power to calm her. We'll see how long that lasts.

Today was rough for her. Sleeping on her back is impossible. I think the snot runs down her throat and that combined with a pacifier probably makes her feel like she's suffocating. This morning she rolled onto her tummy right after I put her down and tonight I encouraged her to sleep on her side and that seemed to work well. She's drooling buckets and spends lots of time with her mouth open slightly. I can practically feel her throbbing gums just looking at her. I'm thinking a top tooth is next but it's hard to tell. Any time I try to feel I get chomped by the two bottom teeth. Anything that can be chewed, is. She likes chewing different textures more than she likes chewing on cold teething toys.

I showed this to Superman and he scoffed at the apparent complication of its design. He said he could do that himself for much less money. Bring it, I say! This will be the first step in my campaign to keep the cloth diapers stain free. Not sure of the subsequent steps yet.

During my 20 hours of work I listen to all kinds of podcasts and every time I come across something that is blog-worthy and/or something I want to look into later, I jot a quick note onto my sticky pad and deposit it into my pocket. Eventually all the notes make it into my purse. The bottom of my purse is a sea of sticky notes, so I'm behind. For your sakes I hope each of them contains super-interesting blog posting material.


  1. I use cloth diapers and we have a diaper sprayer like that. Not the fancy bucket though. It is a wonderful idea. As a bonus, the toilet gets cleaned about every day!

  2. my cousin swears by homeopathic teething tablets to relieve kiddo doesnt have any teeth yet so i dunno if it works

  3. I completely feel you on the teething/runny nose situation. I, like you, keep telling myself that it won't last forever (it better not!) We have had completely disaster nights this past week (up a gazillion times, snot sucking, crying, etc), and then all the sudden last night she did not wake up ONCE until 5:30, nursed, and slept till 7:30. I am at a loss- a grateful loss- as to where this came from. I'm thinking God. I've seen a "how to make your own diaper sprayer" site... let me know if you can't find one and I'll try to remember where I saw it.