Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It's almost midnight and I'm awake due to simple nervous tension (why is this a Brimlow catch phrase and where did it originate?)

Kate is sick. She was coughing in her sleep last night and today her temperature reached 100.7 degrees F when taken under her arm which means a fever of 102 degrees in her body's core. She's been herself for the most part, just a little clingy and wants to nurse a lot more frequently. I must say that the two hour nap she took in the middle of the day was fantastic, even if I did keep dashing in there every five minutes to make sure she was still alive (her naps are rarely longer than 45 minutes.)

The fever seemed to be going down in the early evening, but when I put her down for the night she coughed and tossed and turned and was just a miserable little baby. That's when we found her fever to be up again. Superman held her (she SNUGGLES when she's sick! she'll just rest her head on your shoulder while she's awake! it's incredible!) while I called the advice nurse. After getting off the phone with her I gave her a sponge bath and then attempted to take Kate's temperature rectally (HAH!) which showed a normal temperature but I highly doubt it was done correctly.

Kate's asleep in her crib now but I'm sitting here in her room listening to her breathe. The nurse made it clear that if she starts coughing uncontrollably or appears to have any difficulty breathing like wheezing, etc., to take her to the ER. So here I sit listening. I'm also worried about keeping the room temperature constant because all we have are electric heaters. It's always a guessing game trying to keep Kate comfortable even when she isn't sick. One blanket? Three blankets? Three blankets until the heaters warm up the room and then take off a blanket or two? If there's no heater the room can get down to the mid to high fifties quite easily.

I think I'll sleep in here with her tonight.


  1. No fun, I know what that is like! I would do that same as you! Hope she is better lickadee split!

  2. Ahhhh, poor Kate! And poor mama! Having a sick child is so worrisome and hard. I hope she gets better soon. Isn't rectal temperature taking so. . .wrong? I had to do it to Erik a few times and he never even noticed, which was kind of weird. He did notice the last time (he was about 18 months) and was Not Pleased.

  3. I hope your sweet baby gets well very soon! I'll say a prayer for her tonight.