Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh crap.

The baby has the worst case of diaper rash she's ever experienced. Her father and uncles got diaper rash when they were teething so it could be due to that. However I think the more likely cause is the new batch of flannel wipes that I just washed. I'm pretty sure I used fabric softener on that load which can irritate sensitive baby bottom skin.

Anyhow. To promote the quick healing of the rash I've been letting her go diaper-less in the play pen for a while each day. Perhaps you can guess where this post is headed. Tonight she was playing in the play pen, diaper-free, and started to fuss right as Superman was about to walk out the door to pick up some things from Costco. I walked over and glanced behind her to see if everything was OK down there. Her back appeared to be fine and there was no puddle. Fortunately, Superman had the sense to check her front. There was poop all over her leg and foot.

Instantly, we were galvanized into action. I swooped down and lifted Kate up by her arms and held her there in mid-air while Superman ran for wipes and began cleaning off her foot and leg. Then we moved to the changing table where the clean-up continued. We were alternately exclaiming over how gross it was and laughing at Kate's complete obliviousness to the whole thing. And then, as Superman leaned over the baby she reached out and grabbed his ear, which would have been completely fine if her hand hadn't been covered in poop. I was laughing so hard I could hardly tell him what had happened (his focus had been on the more poop-covered parts of her body.) Oh man was it ever hilarious. Way to go, baby! Way to go.


  1. HA! On his face, no less. Those are definitely the moments where you HAVE to laugh.

  2. For rash treatment the best thing to use is the Corona Ointment ( You will probably have to go to a vet or pet store to find long as you are not allergic to Lanolin, then you will probably be fine. enJOY!Taylor

  3. Oh, ya, go Kate!