Friday, October 5, 2007


Want to lose 8 pounds in three days? Well then. Breastfeed while having the worst case of the flu in your memory. Needless to say, I'm feeling rather weak. Taking a shower taxed my strength almost completely. My legs were shaking. I'm still drinking (now greater) quantities of half-gatorade, half-water and have kept down Saltines, a small amount of oatmeal, a handful of Chex and two California rolls. The prognosis is good.

Maybe the baby has lost a little weight, too, I don't know. My milk supply certainly all but dried up completely. She isn't dehydrated (as evidenced by the normal number of wet/poopy diapers) but has generally refused formula even though it was offered many times. She'd suck the bottle, realize what was in it, and politely spit it out. "No thanks," she'd say, "this isn't for me. I'll stick with the empty boobie for now."  She's been very well cared for by her grandparents and has greatly improved her crawling skills just in the few days they've been here!

She's also started smiling and squirming and "talking" excitedly when she sees me (much more than she used to) and crying when I leave the room, which is particularly sad because I would love to scoop her up and snuggle her but I fear the further spread of flu germs. I believe Tuesday told me that about this age they are able to single out their mother's face from across the room and she definitely does.

I'm bored. I literally do not have the strength to be up and about the house yet but I'm getting there (with another California roll or two...) In the meantime I've been wasting huge quantities of time online (been pirate bombed by me on Facebook yet?), re-reading my more interesting books (I don't have any new ones), doing the Daniel Bible study that I'm now two weeks behind on and listening as my parents run the house without me.

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