Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Superman Tyveked the house just in time for the first hard-hitting rainstorm to pass through last night. Rain means no more having to bother with watering the grass and plants - yay!

Heard about a p2p file sharing network called which sounds pretty groovy indeed. Supposedly everybody gets paid (people like you and me would have to work a little for it) but there are still some things I would like to see resolved (exactly which labels are supported; how the copyright holders get paid) before I jump on board completely. I do have an account (it's beta, want an invite?)

I'm still not back up to my normal weight and my efforts to speed the process by increasing my ice cream intake have likely contributed to my current sore throat and stuffy nose. Will we ever be well around here? So far Superman is the only one who has escaped unscathed, and judging by his routine lack of sleep and consumption of Smarties I'm surprised he's managed to beat the sickness this long! I would love to make the house a more germ-free (and baby safe!) place but currently the best I can do is barricade the baby in the kitchen and keep that floor clean the best I can. Meanwhile all surplus dollars will be thrown at the exterior siding because we must work from the outside in. As much as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have my bathroom, linen closet and full-sized bedroom closet done it doesn't make any sense until the house is warm and dry. Not that it isn't, we just want to increase the chances of it staying that way.

I've sustained my first tooth-related injury. As in breastfeeding. Breastfeeding a baby with a newly-cut tooth. (I'll wait while you leave the page, TAB.) Yeah, it's not as bad as I imagined it would be, but at least she only bruised and did not draw blood. Oh the joys and self-sacrificing love of motherhood.

And as I can't think of anything else to say I'll make myself some Top Ramen (for the throat; I already had a healthy nutritious dinner!) and go to bed.


  1. My mom quit breastfeeding each of us after that episode had occured. It was Similac from then on until solid food became cool.Hi!I'm engaged!I'm going to try to post an LJ entry tonight.I saw your mom!:)

  2. Maddy has yet to cut her first tooth and I'm fearful! She already has this bad habit of chomping down and then turning her head. Ouch!