Monday, October 22, 2007

Pray for rain

I meant to get to bed at the same time as Superman. If I'm even five minutes late sometimes he's already asleep. I wish I had the talent of falling asleep within minutes. Kate isn't going down without a fight tonight and so I'm waiting for the periodic sniffling in the next room to die down before I crawl under the covers myself. Today she took no morning nap (but we did sleep in a bit later than usual) and one two (!!!) hour afternoon nap that was unfortunately cut short due to a certain LOUD-MOUTHED 3-legged dog of mine. Harumph. He barks and wakes her up and then I whisper yell at him as loudly as I think I can get away with without waking Kate up any more. It didn't work today. The two hour nap was over, which was fine considering she was probably getting hungry anyhow.

Fortunately, being awake with Kate tonight meant I could hear T-Bird shoving the fence boards off the frame again. That dog. The fence is brand new this year but the city made the mistake of nailing all the boards on from one direction. The nails are pointing towards our backyard. Mr. T has discovered that with a little brute force he can pop the entire fence plank off and conduct a self-guided tour of the neighborhood with Jackson trailing along behind. He lost his collar a few nights ago on one of these excursions and I am irritated because replacement license tags cost $5 and I've already had to replace it once.

He needs a regular collar (instead of a metal choke chain) but the reason I ended up with the chain (I really don't like to keep a choke chain around his neck at all times) is because his skin is super sensitive and he would end up getting really terribly red, scaly patches of skin around his neck under the collar. Anyhow.

Superman has had to nail four boards back up onto the fence so far, and hoped that this time would last until tomorrow when he plans to screw in extra boards that should stop them from now on. Well obviously the dogs weren't going to pretend they were beaten when they could just push two different boards off... I caught them just in time and they are hereby locked in for the night.

I think Kate has called it a night and that means it's time for me to follow suit.

One more thing: my aunt and uncle and family were evacuated tonight due to the raging fires in San Diego county. The houses up the hill (and across just one road from them) were burning as of earlier today. There aren't enough fire fighters to go around and so my uncle has stayed behind and last I knew has felled several trees.


  1. I feel your need for rain. As my region stands, the drought has left us with only about 170 days worth of drinking water left. I'm sure raging wild fires make the need for rain more eminent.

  2. We're praying too... any new news?

  3. We're praying for your Aunt and Uncle and family.