Friday, October 5, 2007

On the watch



  1. Apparently "Sentry" is the only personality type they have listed? Because I got it, too, and I don't think that's me.

  2. Yeah, that sounds about right. ':)RYN: Well, if it didn't sound too bassy, then that PROVES your speakers are tinny. ';) (I'm kidding. Mostly. You might have good speakers. I visited my parents this evening, and her speakers made it sound horrible. At one point my mom asked, "Are you supposed to be able to understand that part?" And I said, "Yeah, but you're supposed to fix your audio settings to match your monitor speakers." I'm pretty sure her bass and treble are off-kilter. But anyway...) If I forgot to say it, thanks. ':)As for my original songs, the Mother's Day one was one of them. Most of my original songs with musical accompaniment* are songs for Krudita, and therefore not readily available for public consumption. Though I occasionally waffle on that stance.(* - That I've recorded thus far, at least.)