Monday, October 8, 2007

DRM-free at Amazon!!!

First of all, this is awesome. DRM-free mp3s. Top-100 mp3s are .89. Albums are cheaper than buying all the songs individually. I have never bought from iTunes and I probably won't buy from Amazon for a while but I really hope this takes off. So go! Buy!

Secondly, you know your house is far from baby-proof (the child is so mobile) when you require an extension cord in order for the baby to take a bath. Yes I know, sounds like a bad idea. There are no electrical outlets in the bathroom and the extension cord is for the heater because it's been cold these past few days. We will be hurrying with the home construction now because oh man is this house ever a perfect place NOT for a baby who is able to move about on her own. Along those lines, Superman is currently nailing off the sheer in preparation for rain and making it so I cannot think.


  1. Wow, I totally feel guilty for complaining when I read what you are going through and living with every day. Hope you are feeling better too!

  2. Does this mean that usually the mp3's they sell have copy protection built in? That sucks. ':PSo, are you encouraging us to buy so that it will provide positive reinforcement for the DRM-free angle?