Friday, October 12, 2007

Do not want.

Garrrrrgh. I do not want to be a mommy blogger. Do not want. But, as that seems to be all that goes on in my life that I can blog about...

Kate seemed to enjoy her first taste of rice cereal today. I'm looking forward to introducing her to all kinds of other yummy foods like squash and green beans and apples and pears. I absolutely do not want to feed her peas because I absolutely do not care for peas myself. Biased some? Yes. The thought of feeding her spoonfuls of pureed peas makes me want to gag. Superman loves peas so I shall pass that vegetable off onto him. However, I can say for a fact that my children won't be served peas very often. I wonder if this will result in them not liking peas? My own mother didn't (doesn't?) like pickles and so I never cared for them either. I can't ever remember being served a pickle as a child. I only trained myself to like them when I was in college because the BLT sandwich I was so fond of ordering came with a pickle and I didn't like to waste it. I started by taking just one bite and throwing away the rest until I was able to eat the whole thing and now pickles are ok, I guess. They remind me of BC Caverns.

I don't know why I'm still awake. Kate's sleeping schedule (she doesn't have one) is generally such that when I do go to bed at the same time she does we're both up a few hours later. If I stay up and get some stuff done in anticipation of not being able to go to bed for a few more hours, well then she's sleeping soundly and I'm up late wandering around waiting for her to wake up.

Kate is growing so quickly. It seems like she gets better at communicating every day (the changing table is torture - TORTURE, I tell you!) and better and better at crawling and pulling up on things. She's been getting a good number of bumps and bonks as she figures out just how to do certain things. Superman and I tend not to "rescue" her if she gets herself into a position she doesn't want to be in. Sometimes she'll be on all fours (hands and feet [not knees]) with her butt in the air and start fussing as if to say, "ok now what!? Isn't something supposed to happen??" We let her figure it out.

Now that we're having to actually clothe her (i.e. summer has ended) it's more of a hassle to cloth diaper. They're bulky and she practically has to have two separate lines of clothing. She wears one set of clothes with disposable diapers (to church and childcare while I'm at work) and the other set with cloth diapers. Superman says there should be a cloth diaper (or diaper cover) line that says "does this diaper make my butt look big?" across the back. I think it's a great idea. My blue dog fitteds aren't that bad as far as bulkiness goes, though, and so I've been using them almost exclusively. I say prefolds are for summer. I've also had to start using my dryer again, which is something I've rarely done with the diapers thus far. I feel the sun does a much better job at killing off any yucky bacteria that may be harbored deep in the thick absorbent (fitted) cloth diaper core. Tired of diaper talk yet? Too bad! My blog. I am in the market for flushable (biodegradable) diaper liners. Suggestions? Also, I'd like to start cloth diapering overnight which probably means getting a wool cover. So, Tara, what do you use? (You don't have to answer here... we'll talk soon!) Anyone else out there use cloth?

It's been a long time since Kate has slept "through the night" like she used to. I'm amazed at how productive I can be on no more than 3-4 hours of sleep at a time for weeks on end. One of my friends has a 15 month old and she told me the other day that he slept from 7pm to 9am and that's only slightly longer than usual. Holy cow. If I got that much sleep... I don't know. That pretty much sounds like the jackpot to me right now.

I want to blog about other things. But all you people who know me in real life are watching. And you might look at me funny the next time I see you. How much of my internal struggles do I feel comfortable sharing (and would you feel comfortable reading), anyhow? Where's the line? I've always said to write as if anyone in the whole world would read it so I suppose that's what I'll stick to. Back to the old pen and paper for some things, perhaps, but that way always was too slow.

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  1. ah, BC Caverns. many good memories i have there with you. :)

  2. ok, this has nothing to do with your blog, but i just looked at the recently-added pics of kate on picasa, and i want to see her right now! she is so cute! i can't believe how much she has grown!

  3. I guess my attempt at leaving a link failed.

  4. Yeah, 'tis amazing how your outlook on how much sleep you "NEED" changes once you become a mom. We can "talk cloth" more when I see you in person (yay!), but we use pockets at night. I'd like to try wool, too, for the breathe-ability. I even attempted to <a href=""make some recycled longies (pants) out of a wool sweater. Haven't gotten brave enough to use them yet. :)

  5. I wanted to try cloth diapering but Mike does most of the laundry and said no way, no how. My friend, is doing cloth diapering and talks about it a lot in her journal. She's pretty obsessed with it and might have some reccs if you ask her. There are all kinds of cloth diapering communities on LJ, I guess, so maybe you could talk to her and find out some info if you want.

  6. Are you bringing my niece to visit me this weekend?