Thursday, September 6, 2007


So is Twitter just an enormous waste of time? I'm struggling to understand. Why take the time to tell people what I'm doing? Why not just do it? Doing it and then telling people I'm doing it takes longer. Is it a really slow instant message or Facebook status? I guess I'm not using it to full advantage since I don't get updates via IM or phone. Is Twitter like a dilute, choppy blog? So many questions. What is the advantage?

Bah. All this social networking web 2.0 blah blah blah stuff. I don't get it. Take me back to the old fashioned days of Open Diary and AIM.


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  2. Our ability to waste time has become extremely complex.

  3. I really hate Twitter. No offense to the Twitterites, but it is just too much for me. Too much of a lot of nothing.

  4. Oh great. And now there's