Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tough call

Which do you want today: a waterproof house or a new counter top?  Another example of the daily choices I must face in my marriage to the sexiest builder ever. I decided on a compromise. True, the waterproofing of the house is important, what with winter right around the corner, but the house has already been rained on once and the upcoming week shows several sunny days. We'll just nail off the sheer today and let it thoroughly dry out during the week. So that means a new counter top for me! Yeah, it'll only be laminate, but it'll be SEAMLESS laminate and in my favorite size and color. Yippee!!!


  1. So... do the new counter tops these days compromise the water-proofness of a home?*keeps reading*Oh, okay, now I get it.RYN: I never said I had such a thing. It was inferred from my cheap shot at Sir Elton. ':P[See, the alternative was to "sing it straight" but I crossed out straight and said "in my closest rendition of... (etc.)" So, there is no Elton John impersonation, as such. Sorry. ':\]

  2. ...and today's favorite color is???