Wednesday, September 5, 2007


After being completely sure that I was following Google's street view camera vehicle I must conclude I was wrong.  Although I'm still fairly sure there was some sort of camera attached to the scaffolding atop this Wells Cargo trailer it wasn't Google's. Besides, why on earth would they be recording my drive home from work? It's hardly the center of a busy city and they haven't even gotten most of those done yet.  I looked around and found this and also this, which both confirm that what I saw wasn't the Googlemobile. Darn. However, it was the first time I have ever wished for a camera in my cell phone, as I was on the line to my brother instantly, asking him to google "Google street view van" and the like. If I ever do run across the Googlemobile you can bet I will do something attention-getting. I haven't decided what yet and if I'm behind the wheel myself then the options are much more limited. Perhaps I would just fall into line behind the van for a few miles and make faces.

And that, my friends, was the highlight of my day. And it didn't even turn out to be the real thing. How depressing.

Other things of note:

- having to stop working for a few moments due to laughing (out loud!) so hard in response to something Tom Merritt said in BOL podcast number 537 (I think.)

- establishing a connection with a possible tamale dealer; I know someone who knows someone... mmmmm... homemade tamales.

- Superman's great career change of 2007 appears to be nearly complete! Guarded excitement tends to be the mood around here. It'll probably get worse before it gets better (and then it might get worse again) but that's life. More once I discuss with him if and how he wants me to blog the process.

- Kate is rapidly approaching the mobile stage. No longer will she lie contentedly in one place, cooing sweetly while playing with her brightly colored rings and blocks. No. Now she rolls over and scoots towards me as she reaches for MY toy because who in their right mind would be content to chew on a teething ring when there's a shiny MacBook right there!?! And no. She is not distractable. She would like the MacBook, NOT the silly baby toys, thankyouverymuch.

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