Sunday, August 5, 2007


Being poor is harder work than being wealthy. But perhaps the wealthy work harder and are paid more? OK then. Being poor is harder physical work than being wealthy. It means hanging laundry out to dry on the line, making lunches every day whether you feel like it or not, grooming your hairy dogs yourself, washing the car yourself, cleaning your house yourself, pretty much doing everything yourself. No servants. Although I figure if Laura Ignalls Wilder had to sweep a dirt floor then there is no reason I should be complaining over having to vacuum my carpet, wood and linoleum! To say nothing of my awesome washing machine!

My other half has spent the weekend working much harder than I. He worked 13 hours yesterday and only slightly less than that today. They got paid tonight and so everything is finally DONE. I should throw him a party next weekend to celebrate him being home. The poor guy really misses sleeping in with us and snuggling his baby in the mornings.

It's so special to share a bed with Kate for at least part of the night/morning. We're semi co-sleepers. I bring her in after the first time she nurses in the morning which is anywhere between 5 to 7 am and then we wake up together. It's so beautifully sweet to hear her content little voice and feel her body and then talk with her and see her face light up when she sees us. Gosh it's so wonderful. I never would have been brave enough to co-sleep for any amount of time with a brand new baby but now Kate's big enough to complain if we happen to roll over on her accidentally, which hasn't even happened yet and I doubt it ever will. I am surprised at how I am able to sense where she is even though I'm asleep. Must be part of the mothers instincts that people keep telling me I have now.

She sleeps through the night wonderfully. The days that we've been back from Oregon she's been taking two looooong naps (like, three hours each) during the day and then she goes down for the night around 9. This morning she woke up at 7, which was later than usual. I would say she usually wakes up closer to 5 am. It's a flexible schedule.

I'm understanding the few memories I have of sleeping with my parents a little better now that I am a parent myself. I remember sleeping between them as a little girl (maybe after I had a bad dream) and it always seemed that their backs were to me more often than not. How boring is that! They didn't want to play or talk with me? So rude. Now, being the sleep-whenever-possible mother that I am, I completely understand their decision to roll over and be free from the squirming, poking, reaching child and hopefully catch a few more minutes of rest. I've even turned my back to Kate a few times already. Her conversation with the fan doesn't need any input from me.


  1. Wow, sleeping through thr night, I cannot imagine!

  2. We bring Maddy to bed in the morning too and it's the best part of my day. I don't think I could co-sleep because she'd keep us up all night, I think...but dozing and talking and playing in the morning is awesome!Glad that Superman can be there with you guys again!

  3. I wonder if the wealthy have a higher rate of obesity?