Monday, August 13, 2007

August 13

Know how many blog postings I have not read so far this month? 176. And it's only August 13. Yeah. I hate to cut any of you out, but that's a lot of time! Good thing I'm a fast reader. I shudder to think how much more time was wasted before I used RSS! But that was way back before I had a baby so more free time was available to me.

I think Kate would benefit from a more structured nap schedule but it's tough because I work two days a week and she's still at an age where car rides usually mean sleep. Last night we arrived home at 8 pm and so Kate wasn't even all that tired until 10 pm which is an hour or so after her usual bed time.

This week I'm trying to get up with Superman and make his lunch instead of making it the night before. I resisted getting out of bed at 5 am but now that I'm up it's not so bad. I'll probably sneak back in for an hour. Shoot now I'm hungry.

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