Sunday, July 15, 2007


Last night I told Karen that the tiredness associated with new motherhood is no worse than finals week at college for procrastinators like me. So in that sense, eh, not bad and in some cases even better because I don't have to remember  important physics equations! Except that being a mother lasts a lot longer than one week and that's where the tiredness gets me. The cumulative effect of finals-week-esque sleeping patterns isn't good at all.

One year ago today I was seriously wondering if we could be pregnant. The next morning I took the test and my how life has changed since then! The doorway we stood in for that picture is finished (just not painted) and we still don't have the house completely sided but at least most of it is insulated! As for heating and cooling we got by using electric heaters and of course are loving the newly-installed window AC unit.

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