Thursday, July 26, 2007


Have you ever wanted to rewind your life and appreciate a certain part of it more while you had the chance? That's how I'm feeling. Wishing I could be young and single and free again. (As opposed to being old, married and enslaved.) I just want it all: husband, baby, mortgage AND the freedom to hop in a car and drive to a special Bible camp in the midwest where I would lie on my back in the green (not dying!) grass as the sun sets and count fireflies. And maybe study the Bible too.

But enough of the wishing to be free and single. Time to face reality.

Superman had a fever last night and his ankle is still sore. The physical agility test (why they do this after background investigation I'll never know) for one of the police departments he's applied to is on August 11, two days after the doctor said he could resume normal activity (ie: softball) on his ankle. I woke up at 3:30 to nurse and then again at 5 to make Superman's lunch and I haven't been back to bed even though I'm exhausted from work yesterday.

My parents have been advertising this blog on their great big road trip so I thought I'd toss a new post onto the front page. I'm not feeling like writing much. Where's my inspiration?  Perhaps I need to read some good books. Because how boring is it to read a new post in which I complain about not feeling like writing? Boring.

I don't even have any interesting pictures because I'm camera-less.

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  1. Hi there! I stumbled across your site, from...ummm... somewhere! Wanted to say hi. HI. About 3 months after my first baby was born, I was feeling the same way. I wanted to escape back into myself. Before baby, you are very "selfish" and after baby, it's not about you anymore, and it's hard to settle into your new self. It will get easier. Hang in there :)