Saturday, July 14, 2007


Holy cow is it really almost midnight? Time flies when you're using video iChat to quack with Aunt Karen. Yes, Kate 'met' Aunt Karen for the first time tonight. Neither Karen nor I had used the video option before and I think this was the perfect christening opportunity. =)

I now know how to install applications. Thank you Mr. Bamford. Now I need to work on importing pictures into iPhoto. I plunked them into the originals folder in the iPhoto library but it can't see them there. So I'm guessing I need to put them into a different location and import them from there and then they'll be in iPhoto. Stupid Picasa only does web albums for Mac. Boo. I also need to get MS Office for Mac so I can carry on with my Excel spreadsheets for the budget.

I put Kate in childcare for the first time today while I was in a womens Bible study. It was only two hours long but I think it wore her out. She's slept a lot today and fell right asleep without crying in protest for a while like she usually does at bedtime. I should be taking advantage of this and be sleeping right now, but no, I have to revel in my Mac.


  1. I love our video ichat. It makes my husbands tdy's so much more tolerable when the kids can see him and chat with him at bedtime. Yay Apple!

  2. I loved seeing her! The highlight was licking the ducky. A girl after my own heart :) Not that I lick ducks but you know what I mean...