Monday, July 16, 2007

In da crib

Tonight Kate is in her crib for the first time and I hope she doesn't wake up in the night due to unfamiliar territory. She's been sleeping 6-8 hours straight pretty consistently and I would hate to break that habit! We'll see how many hours I can sleep at a time without jumping up to check on her. Because I don't trust the baby monitor. What if the outlet it's plugged into suddenly stops working or the receiver runs out of juice!? Then what!?! Tonight is the first night cool enough to have her outside our room. We might have to put her in the pack and play in our room during the next heat wave. She is absolutely for sure grown out of that bassinet. I can hardly remember a time when her kicks didn't rock the whole thing. I weighed her today and she's 16 pounds. Double her birth weight - wow!

I got a watch "for my birthday." We clipped the coupon back when it was on sale the week of my birthday and then didn't buy it for whatever reason. It went on sale again and so I am now the owner of a ladies Wenger Swiss Military watch. I think it's a little big for my ridiculously skinny wrists but I can't do anything about my ridiculously skinny wrists and it's not too terribly huge as far as watches go. I like it because it's nice looking and good quality AND is water (and spit-up!) resistant up to 200 meters. A lot of the more girly watches that I've liked aren't waterproof. And that's a must for me. Plus I'm not really that girly.


My camera is complaining of the E18 ailment again and so back to Best Buy it goes. They have a "no lemon policy" which says they will refund us after the item has been in for repairs three times. Two down, one to go! Yahoo!

Superman's almost-fractured-but-only-really-badly-torn-and-sprained ankle is not healed. He saw the doctor today and she doesn't want him working for another week. The swelling hasn't gone down at all but fortunately the pain is low. We've been having a fabulous time together at home. I'm not looking forward to going in to work, but hey, someone's got to.

Kate's cried awake 3 times since I started this post. How foolish of me to think that we would just carry on as usual. Like she doesn't notice she's in a completely different bed in a completely different room completely separate from Mom and Dad and the tapping of their laptop keyboards.

I need to practice writing. I'm blocked.

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