Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hi ho

It's day two of adherence to the chore list to end all chore lists (complete with spaces to initial upon completion of the task) and I can't say that we're doing much better. The house looks tons better but I'm somewhat skeptical as to how realistic our expectations are. Can we keep it up? Time will tell. I am prepared, of course, to see more of my initials than Superman's but only when he's working.
He spent quite a bit of time working on the danged internet connection today because the silly router, or modem or could it be the wireless access point? refused to properly perform their functions. Or Superman has somehow improperly configured them but I've lived with him for a long time and it's only recently that I've been without an internet connection so frequently. So I don't blame him.

Tonight while walking the 3-legged dog (under the "every other day" category) he decided to poop right in front of City Hall on the nicely kept lawn. I don't doubt it was a comfortable place to poop but it's rather embarrassing for the girl on the other end of the leash. Especially since I had forgotton a plastic bag. So the 4-legged dog and I were back 15 minutes later and I cleaned it up like the responsible dog owner I am. I can't walk them both at the same time because T-Bird (who weighs all of 103 pounds) gallops like a horse after any cat he sees (we're working on it) and Jackson likes to smell things on both sides of the sidewalk which tangles up the leashes pretty much every other second.

Don't. Want. To. Go. To. Work. Tomorrow.

Kate has taken to the crib wonderfully. It gives her plenty of room to wiggle around which is great because she's quite an active sleeper.  No wonder I felt constant movement when she was inside me. I can believe that she moved just as much while asleep in utero as she did while awake.


  1. perkinspalace@cox.netJuly 17, 2007 at 9:48 PM

    T-bird knows better than to yank. If he lunges make him sit and force eye contact. wave a pointer finger directly in front of his nose and say "NO KITTY". If that does not work make him sit on the side walk and watch a cat sitting in repose in someones yard without making a dash for it. He likes to cuddle with cats but I guess the urge to chase is getting the better of him.I won't draw a corrolation to his habits and some married men, but a man this week was telling me how forward the women were at his retirement center on account of the unbalanced gender ratio at his age. He said " I like to tell them that I am like a well fed dog. I like to bark at what passes, but I never leave the yard" anyway, I congratulate you for your youthful energy to even consider walking the dogs with a baby in the hot summertime!How's that cute baby?

  2. Yaaaa on the sleeping arangements, you are so lucky she sleeps so well, I still dream of that someday. sigh.

  3. Becky, I am way behind on getting some stuff to you. SO SORRY but had to stop and tell you about a leash I discovered when I was watching our last ill-mannered Golden, Zoe and Marley at the same time. Guaranteed not to tangle and you can still walk them with ONE least that goes to two dogs. Let me know if you're interested.P.S. Abby's 16.4 oz. Can't believe how fast they grow. I guess I can just give you my Picasa site here which also links to Becca's and Amy's so you can see some of my pix of Kate and Abby. I haven't worked at all on my website which has other pix. Just haven't had time. Hope all's terrific.http://picasaweb.google.com/skydiver50