Thursday, July 5, 2007


It's 11 pm and 90 degrees in and outside the house. Except the bedroom is a chilly 85. Oh yeah baby. And here I sit, sweating in the kitchen because I did not install the driver for my wireless card (pshaw, who uses wireless cards anymore!?) after the last Windows installation so I have to plug in directly. And we don't have a long enough cable to reach to the bedroom because if we did, I would be there.

I worked today and I took a nap today which is why I'm still wide awake and my husband and daughter are conked out on the bed.

And that's it, as my brain has just rendered itself useless by completely frying.

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  1. RYN: I know you didn't figure it out. (I do remember telling you numerous details. ';P) I was talking about someone who figured it out without being given any extra information from me. Your response amused me, though, because it proved that "they know who they are" isn't always applicable. ':)