Sunday, July 29, 2007


Be very glad you weren't in our Scion tonight. It was packed to capacity with one beck (driver), one Superman (cat-harassed passenger), one baby Kate (gentle coo-er extraodinaire especially in response to the rather frequent vocal outbursts from the cat-harassed passenger), one Methyl-cat (not in a carrier because there wasn't room), one T-Bird (space hog), one Jackson (forced to sit by the lying-down space hog), and all the things necessary for the pets to survive one week away from home. I will say the return trip sans animals was far more enjoyable.

My cousin broke his shoulder today in a bike (as in motorcycle) accident and mere moments after the event was back on his feet taking pictures of the bike in a ditch because it was bloggable. What a good little blog correspondent and I don't recall ever training him! As I have been promised exclusive rights to blog this event I will post the pictures as soon as they are made available to me. Also, I am pleased to report that my cousin is doing well (aside from the broken shoulder, I mean.) The bike, I hear, is not in such great condition. I understand he high-sided1 after his back tire hit a gravel patch as he navigated through a turn. Some very kind soul (with a trailer!?) deposited Niloticus and the motorcycle at a local hospital where the shoulder was x-rayed and the break confirmed. Thank God he was not on Hwy 1 where the 'ditch' could have been a several-hundred-foot drop. Shudder.


1High Siding - 1. Wrecking a bike by flipping it over. Usually caused by releasing the rear break during a skid. 2. Pitching a bike over and away from the direction you are turning. The dangerous kind of crash. 3. When a sliding rear tire suddenly regains traction while the motorcycle is leaned over, causing the motorcycle to violently snap from leaning side to he other side (the high side).


  1. Keep SAR in your prayers. He's going in for surgery to set the shoulder at 7:30 on monday morning. The hospital in Orange County said that Fortuna should have kept Seth overnight because these types of breaks can puncture the individual's lung and cause a lung collapse.

  2. Geez Louise. I'm glad he's alright. Death cycles...