Friday, July 27, 2007

Angel baby

My baby is perfect. I don't know how I'll manage to have more perfect babies because this one just can't be improved upon. She got four shots today and actually tried to smile through her tears at the nurse who stabbed her. Then she stopped crying and began cooing and blowing raspberries on the drive home. Then she managed to pull off one of the Bugs Bunny band aids and nearly had it in her mouth before I noticed and snatched the blood-stained thing away from her. It's just a hunch but I don't think the shots bother her much. She's in the 90th percentile for both height and weight. I'm allowed to start rice cereal but I'm in no hurry. It's too much work and I'm lazy.

I am so annoyed with my clothing situation. I know it isn't uncommon for girls to go through periods of weight gain and loss but until I had a baby, I didn't. I was pretty much one size and I stayed that size. Now my weight and shape is fluctuating all over the place! Bizarre! I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes but many of them just don't feel right. Only a small percentage of them feel nice enough to wear on a regular basis. So do I throw all the old stuff out? I'm only five pounds more than I was pre-pregnancy! I bet it'll all change after I stop breastfeeding so do I keep the old stuff because maybe the fit will improve later on? Pack it away in boxes that I'll forget about until right before I have my next baby?

I hate this.

Buying new clothes is expensive and I would rather wear my old stuff but my weight has been redistributed. I bought a new pair of jeans back when I thought my weight had more or less stabilized but those are falling off me now. So what size do I buy now? Things that are just a little bit tight in case I keep losing weight? Things that are just right and so I'll have to remember where they fall on the fitting scale?

I hate shopping and hate wasting money even more.  Clothes are such a waste of money. Gimme a toga.

I need a camera for the Oregon trip. Anyone want to lend me theirs? (LL?)


  1. I of course have no direct experience with this, but doesn't childbirth change the shape of the pelvis? (Obviously not the birth itself, but the months leading up to it.)I seem to recall on a trip to the La Brea Tar Pits that there was the skeleton of a woman, and they said that she had had a child. Also, on those forensic shows (none of which I watched regularly), that seemed to be one thing that was mentioned about female skeletons.

  2. Hi Beck!I'm glad you mentioned the camera in your blog because I had already made a mental note to offer you one of my digitals. I don't use it currently and it works just fine though just a basic 6.0 mp digital. I am soo sorry that I didn't think about this yesterday because we were in your town for dinner. I could have met you and dropped it off. Let me know and we can figure out a way to get it to you. Do you have my cell number? If you are interested, give me a call.

  3. No advice here except to say you might as well keep your clothes, if they fit again some day well at least it saves yo a little money, you just might be a little out of style. The whole redistribution thing has got me too and it is sucking! And i am yo-yoing daily too, up and down by 5 lbs within a week, it is nuts!Kate was awesome with her shots, gotta love that!!