Monday, June 18, 2007

Working hard

My second day back at work I had a meeting with my boss and HR manager. They pleaded with me to stay. What will it take? they asked. Dangit! You people aren't making this easy, I said.

Result: I will work two ten-hour days per week (and be paid the overtime) and receive full benefits - health insurance (medical, dental, vision) and my 403(b) (401k for non-profits) and accrue sick and vacation hours. So that's the deal. I think we all can handle that. I'm rather pleased to be able to remain with the company (have I told you how awesome they are!?) and still be at home with my baby for the majority of the time. Plus I love my job. Both my jobs.

Kate has done fabulously well with the Grandmas and I'm a bit offended at the ease at which she downs the formula (used only to spare/stretch the breast milk.) Hopefully I'll have enough milk now that pumping is going more smoothly and I am actually EATING. I have a bad habit of not eating when I get busy. This is fine if it's just me we're talking about but the fact that I also need to provide for a hungry little baby necessitates me eating healthily. I'm still trying to get the hang of it. I've never been much of a veggie lover.

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  1. Your employers sound so great! I wish I worked there!