Thursday, June 7, 2007


My camera has been sent to Canon for repairs. I hope it is irreparable and I get store credit.

This means that I am *gasp* cameraless for my little sister's high school graduation and her party (which is also my brother's party and sort of my dad's retirement party.)

Not to mention the pictures of Kate that are not being taken.

They say it'll be two to three weeks. That's almost a month. Kate will be a different girl in two to three weeks. I need photo documentation!



  1. abby's bringing her camera. we'll share pics w/ you. =)

  2. You know what camera shops need to do - give you a LOAN camera to tide you over til yours is fixed lol. Like when you take your car in for repairs and they give you a loan car hehe (well the good places do anyway). xox

  3. Fingers crossed for irreparableness! ;)

  4. Gasp, you just may have to go get one of those cheap crapy disposables, do they come in digital these days? I can't imagine going without. I would have to borrow or buy a cheapo to make it without withdrawl.