Sunday, June 24, 2007

Roll over

Kate can roll over both ways now. A few days ago she did back to tummy and today she did tummy to back. I have a mobile baby.

I've given some thought to the fact that my blog has become overrun with baby and house posts recently. I would like to have more interesting things to write about but for the time being that's all the material I've got. So I'm not going to stop writing.

My biggest rule about blogging is write for you and not for anyone else, so I suppose I should follow it.

I just don't know how much to write about me before people like my husband start to get annoyed. Speaking of him, Superman called at 10:45 pm to tell me that he's on his way home. It'll take him a good hour to get here. This is why side jobs stink: weekend work.

I keep meaning to get up at a reasonable time to keep Kate awake so that she'll go down for the night at a more reasonable time. But that hasn't happened. We've discovered how to nurse while both of us are lying down and boy is that nice. So that's what we do instead of getting out of bed at a reasonable time. I fear that this means another few days of only four hours of sleep per night when I go in to work.


  1. Laying to nurse rocks cuz you get to rest too! I often fall asleep though. And the mornings, well we kept getting up later all the time, then it was like 10:30 and crazy, so now we are up between 8-8:30, it's working really well, though coffee is becoming a closer friend!

  2. I did see your sister at WW, although I didn't actually get around to saying 'hi'. It's nice she could make it.

  3. I used to nurse James in bed all the time. In fact that is the only way I could nurse for a while while my horrendous tear was healing so I didn't have to sit on it lol!xox

  4. so now that my blog is active again how long does it take to get added to your link list? =)

  5. It's okay! We love hearing about the baby! The whole "living vicariously" thing, you know.