Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Moms work. Hard.

I am astonished at how much I enjoyed being back at work even though I was operating on less than 4 hours of sleep. Wasn't expecting to miss it so badly. But I really do. It makes me somewhat envious of Superman. Not that I want to be the primary breadwinner because I certainly do not, but there are elements of having a career that I will definitely miss. Things like being able to make plans and goals, manage my time, follow a job through to completion, talk with grown-ups, etc., etc.. The company I work for is so ideal for me and it's an exciting time to be working for them - lots of opportunity! Also, it was very very nice to not be pregnant at work.

I know I'm doing the right thing in staying home with my baby, don't get me wrong. I'm very thankful to be able to do so; I am not doubting my decision in the least. I realize that many of the things I appreciate about work can be applied to my new role as full-time mom, but it'll take some practice and time to adjust. As much as I would like to be able to do the working thing and the mom thing there is no way in heck that I could operate to the fullest of my ability in both roles simultaneously.

My mom was with her today and it sounds like they had a pretty good time together. Kate loves her and even preferred looking at Grandma instead of me when they came to see me on my lunch break. Totally thankless for my perfectly good milk. Hmph.

Jenny's post about love still comes to my mind frequently and today I saw love in action. My mother gave of herself to her daughter (giving up sleep, making me chili, polishing my trash can, rocking the baby, pushing me to nap/bed) so that I could better give of myself to my daughter with the time I had.

Mothers. Where would the world be without them?


  1. Hey just wanted to let you know I have an updated blog. I am actually going to try and post on this one.

  2. Hey beck, happy birthday. Love you,Tim

  3. Awww, moms rock!! I am somewhat envious of you getting to go back to work for a few days, I sure miss it too. Would you be able to work an occasional day here and there, just for fun, for yourself? I wish I could and I did it a few times when we lived in AB, now I am 7hrs away from teh office though, sigh.

  4. Did you get my e-mail?