Saturday, June 30, 2007


I have not used the bathroom for... several hours. Why? I have no bathroom to use. Plain and simple. I am told that the toilet will be installed "soon." Thank goodness my bladder of steel has managed to hold up despite the pregnancy.

Mistablades and Superman have been working all day long re-routing plumbing and ABS. I have:

  • gone to the dump by myself and unloaded 720 lbs. of old bathroom

  • made a batch of refried beans

  • washed cloth diapers and hung them out to dry

  • "did money" which means the enormous stack of receipts from this month are now in the trash and I can tell you exactly how much we earned and exactly how much we spent in any category and exactly how much we shouldn't have spent, too

  • kept a baby alive (obviously, but I like to point this out because, HELLO, someone has to do it and it's not something you should take for granted)

  • made food/juice as required

  • took the car to get an oil change

Now that I think about it I believe the last time I used the bathroom was this morning. It's 10:34 pm. Yikes. That just doesn't seem healthy.

Would you believe that Mistablades calls US and asks if we could use him because he has a free weekend? Well it's true and I bet you wish you had a brother as cool as mine. (You're cool too, TAB, because you're our truck dealer.)



  1. It took me a while to find Superman in that picture - It cracked me up when I found him.

  2. You are brave to make refried beans on a day you're without a toilet. Just saying...