Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Double trouble

Me: "Why does it sound like the dogs are in the front?"

Him: "I don't know; your ears are playing tricks on you. They can't be in the front. I fixed that fence. There's no way they could push through the chain link."

*We both hear dog collars in the front yard. He goes to the door and lets two tired but happy dogs inside.*

Him: "Go look at the gate."

Me: "Why, what'd they do?"

Him: "Just go look."



  1. My parents used to have an escape artist dog that was always getting out of the fenced in area we had for the dogs. They ended up stringing a cable between two trees with a double swivel leash that connected the dog to the cable. It was better than just tieing the dog up since he still had access to all areas of the fenced area, but didn't run the risk of getting tangled up in the long line.

  2. elise (the second)June 19, 2007 at 11:02 PM

    Oh my goodness. They are quite the escape artists, aren't they? How frustrating - the other day we locked my dog in the boathouse at my in-laws just for 10 minutes as we were getting the boat ready, and when I went up there to find her, she was gone.Vanished, like a ghost. She somehow pried the (locked!) door open and ran down the stairs and into the yard where she was happily chasing a neighbor's dog.Fingers are crossed for you and me and all our canines :)

  3. It looks like the sweet taste of Freedom and Adventure has made for total discontent in your backyard. Their motivation for escape has never been higher. Good Luck!!!PS, It would be fun to mount an Adventure Cam on their collars.

  4. HOW did they do THAT!? Crazy beasts... mutter, mutter.