Saturday, June 23, 2007


I've been tired. Too tired to think and write. Too tired to make sure our bills are paid (it just so happens that they are.) Tired to the point that I took a pregnancy test because I'm that tired. Only people who have been pregnant know what I'm talking about. That's tired.

Well no, I'm not pregnant. Just tired.

It takes a lot out of me to have so many open-ended projects around the house. Too much is up in the air. The exterior is half-way sided. The interior is missing walls and sinks and electrical outlets. The floors are in no way finished and we grind more dirt into them each day. I've lost track of "normal." I think I should just re-define normal as this, but it's hard to accept the fact that normal may mean a sinkless bathroom and no wall between bathroom and bedroom. Normal means unfinished flooring and no trim around the doors. Normal means a desk in the kitchen and a stroller in the living room. Normal means no AC, indefinitely.

And then the truck had to go and die on us.

I just want to tackle one project at a time so I don't have to decide which project needs the most amount of money thrown at it. Of course they all need to be finished at some point in time but which should be done first? Superman has to drive to work so the new truck fund gets money this week. Maybe we'll have the money to move the toilet and tub next month so that we can build the bathroom walls the month after that? But that's a lot of months to go with only a sheet separating the two rooms, and it's already been several months without a bathroom sink. What about the AC? When will that be installed? And the exterior probably should be sided before the end of the summer.

Money money money.

Superman got a call regarding his career change efforts today. Background investigations are in progress at one of the police departments to which he's applied! At least if he gets hired there he'll make regular money. Less money, but regular money, down to the penny! Then I'll have a better idea of how much I can throw at which project. I can devise a plan and follow it and not be thrown off by variable income. Making a budget is tricky when you're never actually sure how much money you'll have each month. Could be thousands. Could be... nothing.

If I've learned anything it's Save! Save money! Money should be saved!!!


  1. I sure know what you mean about the $$$ thing, Dave is a contractor and yup, its a rollercoaster, and we have projects to do but are afraid to start, never know....and we are both procrastinators.

  2. I don't think I could live like that! You're a brave woman :) Chaos and I don't go together too well lol.xox

  3. elise (the second)June 23, 2007 at 12:10 AM

    I can empathize, big time. Not only have we (as you know) built our house from scratch, thus leaving us with pages upon pages of unfinished projects that need to be prioritized and then (yes) thrown money at, but ALSO, being self-employed, neither my husband nor I ever know how much money we will have at any point in time.Whee! It's like a really dirty rollercoaster. With bad grout lines.

  4. I can see it now: "That's nothing, why in my day, we didn't have these newfangled "walls" or "outlets" or "sinks"...But seriously, this is the kind of experience that you look back on later and have confidence in God's faithfulness.