Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tiny person of ours

Superman walked into the bedroom and whispered loudly for me. (We have a small house. Whispers can be heard in adjacent rooms.)

"Look at her! She's the cutest little baby in the world!"

I had to agree. We then proceeded to lie down next to the princess and tell her how perfectly wonderful she is.



She's growing so quickly. Two months already. It seems like yesterday that she was a tiny wailing newborn. Now she's a little person who can hold her head up and look at you and grin and kick and drool. She knows what she likes (my shoulder, a moving car seat) and knows what she does not like (an unmoving car seat, tummy time) and has managed to communicate as much to her dim-witted parents.


  1. Yay for tummy time! If you ever think about yielding to her dislike, call me, and I will innundate you with the myriad developmental benefits of this institution.

  2. She is the cutest! I love the cute little summer outfits you're dressing her in now!

  3. She's THE cutest little princess ever! (this might change if I have a girl though lol!)xox