Friday, May 11, 2007

Tell-tale tail

I don't know what your cat is like but ours is out-going, intelligent and can be quite opinionated at times. Especially when her opinions differ from ours. We say she is not allowed in the bedroom. She says she should be allowed in the bedroom.

The door is normally closed but if it is open and we see her set a single little cat paw inside we holler, "Methyline cat! Get out right now!" Depending on how far into the room she is she will either dash under the bed as we lunge for her and thus begin a fun little chase or she will trot right back out into the hall where she will sit with her tail wrapped primly around her and stare disapprovingly at us over her whiskers.

This morning I was asleep on the couch with Kate and the bedroom door had been left open. Superman walked into the room and this is what he saw:


We let her think she hadn't been discovered while I took a few pictures. Then Superman yanked back the cover and revealed a purring cat with a mildly alarmed expression on her face. What? How did they know? They couldn't even SEE me! Then she hopped right up and hurried directly out of the room without us having to say anything.

Stupid smart cat.


  1. Ha, ha, your cat is too funny, almost makes me want one...almost.Happy 1st mommys day!Oh, and you are NOT old!!! (I had to catch up on a few posts)

  2. Yay! your first mother's day! congrats! hope you had a good one. =)

  3. Dang it, I'm late to the Mother's Day congrats. Therefore I must make mine bigger than everyone elses. =)HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY DEAR SISTER!!

  4. Leah beat me--Happy first Mother's Day!

  5. Hey! Happy Mothers Day, Beck!

  6. Smart cat? Try arrogant!