Thursday, May 31, 2007

Re: tired

Since my mother has a habit of writing limericks for momentous occasions I present to you one I'll call...

"Goodbye HP, Hello Hammock!"

There once was a guy I call dad
who worked for a living... not bad
Except for today
his very last day
An early retirement - we're glad!

After almost thirty years of work for Hewlett Packard my father has finally earned the right to sit at home and do nothing for as long as he wants.

Congratulations Dad!


  1. RYN: Believe me, if I knew how to post a picture, I would, 'cause my crew is darling. Maybe in a few weeks I'll insist that Firebabe teach me how.

  2. Congrats, Mr. Boyd!

  3. Your mom said what I was going to say - My dad is busier now that he's retired than he ever was before! Encourage your dad to do the things HE wants to do. : )

  4. There ARE a few things that I have in mind for your father...