Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Motherhood is not for perfectionists. This irritates me but remains no less true.

This means that self-beratement for not being perfect is fruitless (though I hear it may be fruitless, regardless) and I am even more irritated. How does one deal with the realization that s/he is not perfect? Usually not well. For some reason I have the silly notion that if I just WILL myself to perform to a certain standard, then by golly it's possible. If I'm not adept at a certain function/task, well then I just haven't applied myself enough yet.

Since this is approximately the 84 millionth time I've arrived at this realization we can conclude that I am quite adept at refusing to learn from the past.

I have limits. I cannot do it all. I hate that.

I can keep a baby alive and (relatively) happy. That's something.


  1. If I’m not adept at a certain function/task, I just refuse to do it! Something tells me that doesn't work so well with motherhood, though...

  2. Beck, I seriously look up to you for a lot of reasons. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. Because in my eyes, you're pretty fabulous.