Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Naps are wonderful. I am a mom and I love naps.

I was talking to a grandmotherly sort of lady as I stood in line to fill a prescription for Superman. (He has the worst case of pink eye I've ever seen. Yuck. Pink eye is highly contagious so I really hope the baby and I manage not to catch it. Especially the baby.) She told me about her two grandsons, asked how much Kate weighed at birth, commented on her cuteness and then proceeded to tell me how much Kate resembles me.

Really, I replied with some surprise, because if you saw a photo of her father you'd swear she looks exactly like him!

No I see a lot of you in her, she went on to say, especially her nose.

Well great. The one thing in the whole world I hoped Kate would NOT inherit my genes for. Fantastic. And it's obvious to complete strangers who've seen me for a total of five minutes.


When Kate gets tired she rubs her face back and forth on my shoulder and every once in a while she stops to pull her head back several inches and then slams it back down on my shoulder. I guess this routine helps to find the perfect place to snuggle into and fall asleep but every so often she manages to hit her nose exactly on my protruding collarbone whereupon she bursts out crying, poor child.



  1. Just like Queen sang "Big nosed girls they make the rockin' world go round."

  2. dido to what Amana said!

  3. Prominent noses are the new black. (Coming from a fellow nasally well-endowed gal!)

  4. Looks like Baby Kate is just starting into "...and the hoooome of the braaaaave!"Regarding noses, like TBO quips, "Function is beautiful!"

  5. Thanks for coming by. That is one gorgeous baby Kate! Don't worry about her nose--she'll make it her own, and looking so much like her daddy, she'll make it work. Frankly, I think it's lovely! (And I suspect it's lovely on you, too. We're always our own worst critics.)

  6. Funny, my baby does that EXACT thing when she's tired. Rub rub rub slam!

  7. Thats a darn cute picture. How much time do you spend each day standing over her with a camera?