Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy day!

Note: The following entry contains information referring to breasts. My breasts. If you have a problem with this you have been warned. (TAB.)


I love that God gives us only what we can handle because I wasn't sure if I could have handled another day like yesterday. Which is why she's done nothing but sleep all day today (look out tonight, I know.) I think the temperature has a lot to do with it. It's much cooler today.

But since she nursed practically all day yesterday my breasts have helpfully increased the milk supply just like they're supposed to. So. Tons of milk for Kate today! On the day she's sleeping. Good one, breasts! This is where a pump would be helpful.

Over the last couple of days I've begun to be able to actually feel my milk let down. And let me tell you, that milk lets down if I so much as think about a baby. Any baby anywhere. Fictitious babies. Babies who have yet to be born.

You have a baby? You must need milk! Let us help! Say my boobs. The baby's sleeping and not making a single baby sound? Here's milk anyhow! Lots of it! Because it looks to us as if you're just soaking it up and throwing it away. Silly mother! Milk is for babies, not trash cans.

Even looking at breastfeeding t-shirts does the trick. They keep on trying. Poor breasts, because today only six minutes of nursing on one side was enough to put her out for 3 hours. I tried to give her more. Kate would have none of it and insisted on sleeping while I tried to get her to burp, even.

Superman will finally get a cheerful (if not milkful) welcome when he arrives home! And the house is straightened! And the laundry is done! And we're having pizza at Bible study so I don't have to make dinner! (So many exclamation points! Can you tell who's happy!?)

Did someone say boob?



  1. So I saw on facebook that TAB's birthday is coming up in June. I'm guessing he'd love one of those snazzy lactivist t-shirts.

  2. Hahaha! That picture is ADORABLE!

  3. Got milk! Wow you are the first person I've met who seems to have the same crazy milk supply I do. Let downs can be painful sometimes, especially when they come one after the other and then you feel like your boobs are just gonna explode. They spray like crazy, and getting them into a babes mouth for relief is fantasitc, though Kaitlyn often chokes cuz it hits her in the back of the throat, then she pulls off and it sprays everywhere, once it sprayed all over a friend sitting next to me, so friends are now warned b4 they get too close. Now if I miss a feeding and milk is trying to escape I pump or soak through pad after pad! (The Avent ISIS manual, is awesome)

  4. Aw good, I'm glad you're having a better day. :)

  5. Sara (TellTaleHeart on OD)May 10, 2007 at 4:43 PM

    Hey, thanks for your notes on my diary. I recognize your name because I've seen the notes you've left for Krud.Your daughter is adorable--how old is she?