Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Grumpy gills

I'm so glad today is over.

She did not sleep more than 40 minutes at a time the entire day. Each time I got her to doze off she would wake up crying 35 to 40 minutes later like clockwork. I have no idea why she does that and it seems to be straight out of her sleep. Bad dreams? If I can't calm her down (today I couldn't) she continues crying and wakes up completely and isn't interested in returning to sleep.

It's really hot outside our house which means it's moderately warm (mid-80s) inside our house. I'm worried about her overheating since she is still developing the ability to self-regulate body temperature. I wonder what effects this could have on her heart.

Superman came home and said, "wow her eyes are wide open." Yes. They are. And I've been looking at those wide open eyes all day. I offered to nurse frequently, even if I thought she might be crying for another reason, and she usually complied. I don't want her to get dehydrated. It makes me wonder how desert-dwellers of long ago did it. I doubt that all their babies were born in the winter.

She was fussy/needy all day. Once she got bored looking at things in the swing, bed, bassinet and play pen then she wanted to be held so she could look at things over my shoulder. My right arm hurts from holding her all day. Of course the heat made us both hotter but that was the only place she would be without crying. I'd be more inclined to let her fuss/cry a little (she'll usually stop after a minute) if it weren't so hot.

I'm bound and determined to start some sort of regular schedule. So far the only event I have set is bedtime at 10 pm. For her, I mean, since it's now almost 11 and I'm not in bed.

She really is an adorably cute child, especially when she gasps in delight and beams at me while waving her arms. It's so heartbreaking to come in to get her after she's been crying and see her give me a tearful smile when she recognizes me.


The Indian Meal Moths are back and I haven't a CLUE where they could be coming from this time. I thought I had pretty well IMM-proofed my house the last time.


I have to get out and buy/rent a pump. I have a sinking feeling she won't take to bottles very well (if her rejection of pacifiers is any indication.) I also need to finalize child care arrangements and come up with a backup plan. I've been putting that off because I'd rather not think about it.


I'm reading a book (for the 2nd or 3rd time) called The Excellent Wife and it's pretty much pointing out all the non-excellent wifely ways in me. Which sucks for someone who likes to be perfect.


  1. Beck, do you have a snuggli? You could always offer her some water in bottle if you're really worried about dehydration. My babies liked to chew on the rubber nipples and they'd get a bit of refreshment in the process. At least it's easier to cool them off than warm them up! And hey- there will always be something to worry about when it comes to our kids! You're doing a great job being a mom!

  2. "Just keep loving, just keep loving, what do you do? You love love love"