Saturday, May 19, 2007

Grown up time

I have this bad habit of staying up for an hour or so after Kate goes down for the night. I surf around online not doing a single productive thing. High on knowing that I could have 5 or 6 whole hours before I have to tend to the baby again. Wheeeeeeee! Of course I sneak in to look at her every so often. I can't think of anything more precious than a sleeping baby.

When she starts sleeping for 10 or 12 hours at night? Oh man. I cannot wait.

I need ice cream.  (Speaking of which, Noah's mom: you need a blog. All in favor of Noah's mom getting a blog say 'aye.')


  1. 5 or 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep? What is this glorious thing of which you speak? :)

  2. I submit a great Big "Aye".

  3. Aye!(I just like saying "Aye!", as long as it doesn't directly affect me. ';P)10-12 hours? Wow.---RYN: Yes, I have. Many times, in fact. Unfortunately, my allergies prevent me from having any sort of consistency. Plus I live in the Midwest, where it is not in high demand. (Whether we talked about that, I can't remember.) I almost volunteered to read periodicals for blind people in Chicago, but didn't do it out of a fear of being turned away. ':P

  4. AYEUmmm... who's Noah's Mom?