Wednesday, May 30, 2007


As I lay in bed it occurred to me that I can't remember the last time I swaddled her up all snug in a cuddly blanket. The blankets I try to cover her with now are kicked off by morning. Tonight she looks like a giant in her bassinet - her arms and legs sprawled out every which way. Soon she'll be too big for it. Soon she'll be sleeping in her own room.

Is that how motherhood is? One day you realize that they are too big for this and don't need you for that? Of course you're glad and proud but oh my word the ache, the pain, of losing your little baby to a more independent little person. It's probably the most bittersweet thing I can think of.

No one told me how much my heart would hurt with love. Why can't they grow more slowly?

(P.S. Mommy! I love you!)


  1. You said it, Beck!! Bittersweet describes it alright. We raise them to take flight on strong wings of independence, then with a smile, we silently weep as they fly.

  2. You better believe it. Yesterday we were sitting at the table celebrating Chris' birthday and my wee itty bitty baby said: "Daddy. Don't touch my cake. K." Where the heck did the past two years go?