Friday, May 11, 2007

And lo! The time approacheth!

While helping Superman with paperwork last night (he's trying to change careers; maybe I'll post about that soon) I noticed that the "6" key on my computer isn't working very well. Obviously it's not dead yet but I encouraged a tiny glimmer of hope to grow because this might be the first sign of computer death! Because you know that at the very first sign of computer death I'm off to the nearest Apple store.

I wasn't going to rejoice too greatly because actual death could be a long way off. After all, how necessary is a six key anyhow.


Just as I was typing up the last entry my spacebar key started being finicky as well. And we all know that without a spacebar, well, your computer is completely dead! Useless! Where's the MacBook Pro already!?!?

Or I can just clean the keyboard. *sigh*


  1. I spent Saturday at the Apple Store drooling over whether I could get an iMac or a laptop. Can't decide which and when!

  2. Well just tell me when and a shiny new MacBook Pro will show up at your door... Well you might have to send me a check too.