Friday, April 20, 2007

Woah baby!

I know I'm still flabby around my waist but I pulled out my pre-pregnancy jeans because I thought I'd be able to squeeze into them. I did squeeze into them. I pulled them on just fine. But I couldn't button them because of my hips.

My hips! Have gotten wider! If that's even possible! Apparently so.

Newsflash, Beck: having babies usually results in the rearrangement of the mother's anatomy.

My brain knew this in advance but I failed to translate the knowledge into the comprehension that I actually might have to go out and buy new jeans. My hips will never be the same again. Which is sad because finding jeans that fit me well was difficult to begin with.


  1. My hips have gotten bigger as I've gotten older, and I've never even been pregnant. ':)Oh, and disregard my ignorant note on the motorcycle entry. It's my fault for reading backwards. ':P

  2. Hey elise, can you give me some help?

  3. Yeah, I know all about that. I'll never be able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans again, either. I've been working out and everything and I still can't get into my pre-pregnancy jeans or skirts and its been eight months since I had Little Miss Priss.

  4. Give it time. Your body could still go back to the way it was. It took mine about 6 months and believe it or not my hips are narrower than before babies.

  5. elise (the second)April 20, 2007 at 8:34 PM

    Ooh, I can help on jeans! Tell me what's hard to find, what you like and don't like, and I will tell you exactly what kind to get. I am like a jeans genius!(I know that was bad, but I had to say it)