Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Superman has been working in very affluent neighborhoods recently. The last job was a custom home that belonged to a lawyer who was married to... a lawyer. Superman hung a $4000 dutch door there. Would you want to be responsible for installing a $4000 door? No? Me either. Lucky Superman. Of course he did it perfectly.

Yesterday Superman began framing a garage that is larger than our house. We have a small house, but by garage standards it's large! This is an eight (8) car garage for a retired bank CEO. Superman says the guy actually has eight cars to store, too.

That's the problem with acquiring stuff. You have to put it places. And if you run out of places to put it? You have to build more places.


  1. 8 is nothing. I could name 8 cars I could see myself buying, but thats just me. =)

  2. EIGHT cars? Wow. I used to babysit for people with a 4-car garage that was about 4 times the size of my dorm room and I thought THAT was ridiculous.