Friday, April 6, 2007

Muy importante

Buy more than one nursing bra before the birth. The bra lady might tell you to buy one now and then come back later to be fit for more once your milk comes in but don't listen to her. She means well but she clearly has forgotten how difficult it is to get out of the house with a newborn. And she fails to realize the difficulty in washing a bra while it is still on your body. And if it is off my body crazy things transpire, the likes of which are not blog appropriate.


  1. I have made a mental note of this for when I have to go to the bra store.

  2. i had an experience when buying my nursing bras. i looked on the shelf, 6.95 i thought, wow! good price. i go up to pay, and they come out to be 15+ each, confused by this, i mention something to the lady and she goes, "oh sorry. we knew about this mistake just haven't had time to fix it. the person labeling, mispriced all the nursing bras". aggravated at the time, i only bought one. haha now i need to go back before she's born.. but definitely not to that place. :)

  3. I wonder. Wouldn't the bra lady understand that new moms produce MILK - at the most inopportune times (say, while trying on new bras)?