Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 3

3/31/07 Tonopah, NV to Fremont, CA

Miles: 519.26 miles
Time: 8h 4m

Ave Speed: 64.83 mph

Max Speed: 125.1 mph

Today was a long day and it’s good to be home. I woke up and was on the road by 9ish this morning. Before leaving I toured the town, which is all of a mile long, and found that Tonopah is very proud of their role (of which I have never heard) in developing the Stealth Fighter.


Out of Tonopah I headed north on 376. Throughout the 100 miles that I was on this highway I only passed 6 cars coming the other direction. I’ve never been on a more desolate stretch of highway. The highway is flanked by two mountain ranges, here’s one of them. Very desolate and very beautiful.


376 joins up with highway 50 which took me over the Bob Scott Summit. Nevada is full of higher elevation than you’d think.


Reason 217 why I love my heated grips.


That shot almost got me in trouble. It took vigorous pushing and excessive wheel spinning to get my bike out of the mud underneath the snow. Motorcycles don’t come with mud rated tires. That rut is deeper than it looks.


Someone in Austin doesn’t like the local police. I heeded their warning and took it slow since CA plates on a motorcycle are extra tasty to highway patrolmen.


Highway 50 is full of history, here are the remains of an old pony express station.


I took 50 west through Fallon into Carson City. From there I headed through Moundhouse where I ran across this 8 legged freak.


From 50 I jumped on 88 which took me back over the Sierras. I paused for a brief break alongside this mountain fed stream.


There was still plenty of snow at the summit and I had my grip heaters on full blast.


After a wonderful romp through the pine trees I headed down out of the Sierra Nevada’s through Jackson where I couldn’t resist a shot of this pastureland.


After a quick ride west on the super slab I was back home again. Overall it was a great trip. While I really enjoyed the desolate beauty of Death Valley and Nevada, I think I have had my fill of lonesome roads and will plan my next trip north through the giant redwoods into the pacific northwest.


  1. If your next trip is to the PNW, don't pull a Seth. Stop in and say "Hi!" (you can say a few other things, too, but even a "hi" would increase the sum total word count from motorcycling friends passing through).

  2. I enjoyed reading of your adventures so much that I'm a little sad you got home so quickly. Got any more cool road trips to chronicle?? I followed your longer trip (with your cousin) a while ago, but as Beck said,... you were left stranded someplace. Anyway, your trips make for good reading. I'm ready for more.