Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day 1

3/29/07 Fremont, CA to Lake Isabella, CA

Miles: 400.1

Time: 7h 10m

Ave. Speed: 56.32 mph

Max Speed: 106.8 mph

I got on the road at 9:45 this morning; later than I had originally hoped. I was up until 2:00am last night rerouting my trip. I had originally planned to tour up through northern California on highways 1, 36, 3, 299, and 96, however in talking with Tim Sanders who’s parents live up in Fortuna, I heard that there were sections of the road that still had ice on them. Ice + 2 wheels = not fun. Instead of heading north I quickly plotted a trip south. Here’s my bike so fresh and so clean before I headed out.




I rode highway 1 south through Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. The strawberry fields along the coast.


I stopped beside the harbor in Monterrey Bay for a quick shot of the boats. It would have been a beautiful day to go sailing.


I hit up a local hamburger joint and grabbed a burger to go. I ate it while sitting on this beach listening to male sea lions complain about the dearth of friendly females. At times I understand their frustrations.


Highway 1 is so photogenic, I don’t think in any of my trips down this road I’ve ever taken a bad picture.


The pavement on 1 was clean and dry and traffic was light which made for some spirited riding. After 100 miles of beautiful fun I cut east on 46 through the small farms and dairies that line the highway.


After a quick fill-up in Templeton I headed east on 58, the temperatures continued to rise as I headed further away from the coast.


This is one of my favorite roads in CA. This section is extra fun. =)


58 takes you across the hills that separate 101 from I5 and deposit you in to the hot, dusty, and very boring central valley. After eating supper in Bakersfield I headed east on highway 178 toward Lake Isabella. It’s an interesting highway that runs alongside the Kern River.


I pulled into Lake Isabella at 7:30 and began looking for a campsite. The one campground that was open was full so I ended up pitching my tent in a campground that is closed for winter. Hopefully nobody will come kick me out; otherwise I don’t know where I’ll stay.


  1. Winding roads are what it is all about!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Highway 1 is so windy though!

  3. Krud, if you mistook my disorganized scrawlings as my sister's writings I'll take that as a high complement. No, beck did not ride a motorcycle shortly after giving birth. This post reflects my recent spring break trip through CA and NV.-TAB

  4. Please tell me that Superman didn't let you do this. You hadn't had the baby yet, right?...I'm... disturbed. (No offense.)