Saturday, April 14, 2007


Diapers are so expensive! A package of Huggies (even with a coupon for $2 off) that would last only one week costs about the same as one super duper cloth diaper and quite a bit more than the regular old cloth diapers. I do believe we will be moving towards all-cloth very soon. Especially at the rate she goes through diapers.


  1. I just caught the pun of the title.

  2. When I used to work at Albertsons I was suprised at how many people stole diapers and baby formula. It got stolen almost as much as the liquor.

  3. yay cloth! Well, I suppose I should wait to be this enthused until I actually have a baby to use them on. I'll email you about which ones I ended up getting. Even if you don't end up going the cheapest cloth route, you still end up saving a considerable amount of money. And the environment!