Tuesday, April 17, 2007


One husband with mild-to-moderate sleep apnea plus one newborn baby girl equals one wife and mother who lies awake listening to the breathing of said husband and daughter. Because, you know, either of them could stop breathing at any moment at which point I really can't do anything anyhow because do I know CPR? No. Must take a CPR class.


  1. RYN: Y'know what I miss? The "Mister Krud" entry, with all the little kids listening to me gripe about my car. (I wish I had saved that before the OD crash. ':P)

  2. Good idea. (About the class, I mean.) If I had a kid, I would definitely take one. (Not that Krudita's not worth saving or something, but I think I would remember Health & Safety class for her. Whereas a baby... I've no clue how to do that.)

  3. Did you ever talk to Jennifer (from the sleep clinic) from my book club? I gave her your email info quite awhile ago, but I can't remember if she ever got ahold of you or not...