Sunday, March 25, 2007

Super bored

Another day in Kate vs. The World. Despite many telephone calls from The World and many exclamations of surprise from The Rest of The World Kate has refused to show herself, preferring my oh-so-comfortable womb instead. While she may be comfortable I am becoming increasingly less so.

"Oh! The baby's dropped! I can tell you're so much lower since the last time I saw you." This seems to be the favorite phrase these days; I've been hearing it for weeks.

"Actually, the baby's head still hasn't engaged in the pelvis but thanks anyways." I think it is merely the result of gravity and my skin's inability to magically suspend 35 or so pounds in perfect form. Now I know how it feels to have a beer belly. All the weight I've gained is pretty much right there out in front; Superman says that I don't even look pregnant from the back.

How great would it be if she was born on April 1? Kate's April Fool's joke to the world...

It doesn't look like I'm gaining any more weight since my due date (thank God) but I'm worried about her fingernails scratching herself up as she moves around. And have I mentioned she moves around a lot?


To keep myself from complete boredom I've devised elaborate charts and tools with which to keep the house clean and running along smoothly. (Not that I'll be able to implement any of them with a newborn but the idea is a nice one to return to someday.) Since the house has been quite clean and tidy for the past few weeks (boredom! not nesting!) I've made a chart of all the activities I'd like done on a daily, every other day, weekly and monthly basis. There are places to check off and/or date each duty as it is completed.

I've also found some free shopping list software that allows you to input grocery items along with their price. Double click the item to add it to a shopping list. The list can be printed by category to save time going up and down aisles and will also tally up an expected cost for that particular trip to the store. Sweet!

I've also signed up for a free weekly menu email that will supposedly provide me with wonderful healthy recipes that are easy to make.


Tomorrow the cat gets a much-needed bath.


  1. Haha, I don't think you'll ever be super bored again! Congrats Beck and Superman! Love you!

  2. Good luck! I know the waiting is hard, but TRY to rest.