Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Reverse psychology

What if I spend the entire day cleaning the house top to bottom? Will that trick Kate into arriving any sooner?

Last night we couldn't find the cat anywhere. She wasn't answering us (she usually does, even if she's escaped to the outside) and we checked and re-checked all her usual hideouts. Nothing. Finally something made Superman check the baby's bassinet which I have draped with a receiving blanket to keep the cat OUT. There she was, purring contentedly, curled up on Kate's nice clean sheets. I have no idea how she got beneath the blanket without making it fall but she was obviously proud of herself as evidenced by the purring and complete deafness to our many calls.

She'd better realize that if it comes down to a cat or a daughter the cat will be gone in a heartbeat.

1 comment:

  1. My mom's cat's got thrown outside when she found one of them sleeping on top of me at 1 month old. They adjusted well and enjoyed the outdoors. Hopefully your cat and baby will get along beautifully.