Friday, March 23, 2007

Of the making of books...

Carrie's recent post alerted me to the fact that BlogBinders(.com) is going out of business. I had been counting on their service to turn my many old blogs into a nice, sturdy book sometime in the future. Real live paper books are less likely to be erased accidently or lost if/when the site goes offline and that's nice to have for someone who writes as much as I do. I've been "blogging" before anyone (including me) knew what a "blog" was... waaaaaaay back in 2000.

I might as well get started on this book publishing thing now while I'm waiting around the house for my baby to arrive. I'm so bored; there's only so much to do around here. I have seven years of blogging to publish. SEVEN YEARS. Also, the number of blog posts and thereby book pages I'm producing certainly will not be diminishing any time soon.

I looked into and downloaded their book-making program BookSmart. They have a nice blog-to-book function that will snatch all the entries off your blog and then have them ready for you to plop into a book. Neat and easy. Except when your blog is the size of mine. I formatted a relatively smaller blog I kept on and that took up fifty 8.5 x 11 pages, front and back, point nine font. I'm working on my TypePad blog now. TypePad will allow the inclusion of comments into your book... should I or shouldn't I? Do you think it will add to the book or detract from my deeply insightful words? =) If I do include the comments it would make the book considerably longer and therefore cost more, but I love the reader interaction and response.


Baby news: had a dr. appt. today and there's nothing new to report. I'm not dilated at all; Kate's head is still light years away from my pelvis. She's rocking and rolling and having a grand old time in there. They won't let anyone stay pregnant past 42 weeks so when I see them next Tuesday for a non-stress test they'll schedule me for an induction later next week (though I'll try for the following Monday, which is when I'll be exactly 42 weeks.)


  1. I've turned a lot of my Makenna stuff into scrapbooks. Thanks for these links; it's sad that blogbinders is going under. I vote to include comments.The baby will come -- quickly -- when you least expect it -- and once the process starts you can't stop it!

  2. I think you should hold out for April Fool's Day.

  3. Topic The First: I vote to include the comments. They add depth and perspective (as well as give insight into your crazy friends and relatives!).Topic The Second: Have you already filled your sad and forlorn pots with baby plants and flowers? CAN you? Two helpful dogs will be more than happy to assist - tearing into the bag of potting soil, that is. :)

  4. If I were publishing my blog as a book, I'd be doing it mostly for safekeeping rather than for something to put out on my coffeetable. For that reason, I'd probably include all of the comments. Besides, when you get around to publishing things from this latest incarnation of your blog, I bet Kate will someday appreciate reading all the anticipation of "strangers" surrounding her (late!) birth.

  5. Thanks for the continued baby updates even though you're bored and nothing new is going on :) I think she's waiting for your sister to come back.